prp/prf facial


In need of some serious skin renewal? Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentrate of platelet rich plasma protein derived from whole blood after it has been processed to remove the red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma concentrate has a high concentration of growth factors, which helps the skin repair and regenerate. PRP injections stimulate collagen production in the skin and combined with microneedling, can result in scar reduction, correction of sun damage and minimization of fine lines and pores. 

Procedure time: 90 minutes (includes blood draw)

Recovery time: 12 – 24 hours (mild redness or minor swelling)

Pain level: minimal with application of numbing cream

Results: we recommend a series of 3 treatments

Lasts: cumulative affects

We recommend for:

Skin tone, texture and firmness

Collagen production

Fine lines and wrinkles

Crow’s feet

Acne scarring

Enlarged pores