A Pocket Guide to Healthy Hormones!

Hormones are chemical messengers in your body that are secreted by endocrine glands and travel through the bloodstream to trigger specific actions and changes in the body. Your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing depend on your hormones being in balance, as they affect every tissue and organ system in the body!

Symptoms related to hormone imbalance include:

⚠️Foggy thinking and poor memory


⚠️Depression and anxiety

⚠️Weight changes

⚠️Disturbed sleep


⚠️Hair loss

⚠️Changes in skin (dryness, poor elasticity, acne)

⚠️Poor blood sugar regulation

⚠️Poor temperature regulation

and the list goes on…

 Below is a list of a few simple ways to keep your hormones in check.


Do’s: local, organic, quality proteins and fats, leafy greens, colourful vegetables, whole grain, free range, pasture fed, low glycemic, toxin and chemical free

Donts’: sugars, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, processed foods


Less is more: When you are exercising correctly 1 hour per day is plenty. Any more than this and your cortisol levels will rise sabotaging your efforts in the gym. Chronically elevated cortisol can can lead to fat storage and muscle breakdown.

No rest is wicked: Circuit training with minimal rest between sets works multiple muscle groups simultaneously and keeps heart rate elevated (good for hormones and aesthetics)


Go heavy or go home: Heavy weights tone muscle and boost growth hormone- growth hormone is your friend as it increases muscle mass and promotes lipolysis.  


Hormone enhancing yoga: yoga can reduce adrenaline, lower cortisol levels and stimulate brain-calming GABA

Meditation: boots GABA, endorphins, melatonin, and DHEA (hormone of youth!)

Restful sleep: turn off all technology at least 1 hour before bedtime and do not sleep beside your electronics!

Change your reaction: stress is inevitable... learn the relaxation response: learn to forgive, learn to let go, practice deep breathing

 Start making these simple changes to your daily routine and you will be on your way to superior hormone health!

Your healthy hormone advocate,

Dr. Zeeanna Hadani, ND