What Everyone Needs to Know About Filler

No matter how well we care for our bodies, we can’t escape the effects of aging on our skin. 

As we age, the quality of our skin starts to decline as we lose collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, wrinkles and folds are created as we lose volume due to loss of facial fat and loss of our facial bony structure. Much like a balloon that’s deflating, skin starts to sag and hang where it was once full of volume.

While there are many ways to support and stimulate your body’s own natural collagen and elastin (microneedling, PRF, laser), and botox does wonders for wrinkles we have from facial movement, nothing replaces volume loss like hyaluronic acid filler. 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is abundantly present in our skin and is one of the essential elements that is lost as we age. Due to its outstanding ability to retain water, it is invaluable for restoring volume to the skin, as well as improving the skin’s hydration. Unlike botox that relaxes facial muscles, HA filler has a plumping and smoothing effect. 

What you need to know before filler:

HA filler has indications for nearly all facial areas and concerns. Lips, cheeks, under eyes, jawline, mouth folds, temple hollows, neck lines, jowls, chin - all can be treated with HA filler! 

A proper facial assessment is crucial before beginning treatment. Many of the trouble areas that we see our actually indirectly improved by restoring volume to another area.

Results are visible immediately. You will see the results of a treatment with HA filler right after treatment. While some areas are prone to swelling (like the lips), there is little to no downtime with most treatments. 

Discomfort is minimal. Topical numbing is used for sensitive areas of the face, and HA fillers have lidocaine in them to ensure comfort for the patient. 

The duration of treatment depends on the area being treated and the product used. Lip fillers generally having to be repeated most frequently, with structural filler (like cheeks, temples, jaw) lasting the longest. 

If you have questions or are wondering what treatments are best for you, we encourage you to come for a complimentary consults with one of our doctors. 

See you soon xo,

Dr. Alanna Rinas, ND