Spring into Health!

Spring has almost sprung and warmer weather and longer days are soon approaching. Spring is a time of new growth and regeneration, so it is the perfect opportunity to cleanse your body and work towards your health and wellness goals.

Below I’ve listed my top 5Spring into Health” tips for a healthier you this season.

1)    Detox your body

 Spring is the perfect time for detox. Use this season as an opportunity to change your eating habits for the better and to support your liver health. Start your morning off with a tall glass of lemon water to aid in digestion and detoxification. Lemon juice is high in citric acid and which has also been shown to protect liver function and prevent oxidative damage. Next, cut out all heavily processed and refined foods and replace these foods with whole ingredients. Increase your intake of green vegetables and fibrous foods to support overall health, immunity and to promote elimination and detox.

2) Bump up your Vitamin D

 In Vancouver, almost everybody is Vitamin D deficient especially after the winter months. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the liver and fatty tissues. It is somewhat different than other vitamins because our bodies make most of our vitamin D on their own using sunshine, rather than solely relying on food sources. Vitamin D acts as a hormone in the body and has several functions including bone health, blood sugar management, hormone regulation as well as improvement of mood, concentration and memory. Because of the lack of sunshine in our rainy city, supplementing with 1000-4000 IUs daily of a good quality vitamin D supplement is recommended for optimal levels.

3) Get moving

Spring is the perfect time to start your new workout routine. Now that the weather is getting warmer, why not get creative and take your workouts outdoors. Create a routine to get your blood pumping regularly to maintain a healthy body composition and your cardiovascular health.

4) SPF rain or shine

Sun damage is one of the top reasons for premature aging of the skin. Protect yourself by choosing an SPF of at least 30 and prepping your skin every single day before leaving the house. Choose a physical block mineral sunscreen to avoid daily exposure to harmful chemicals.

5) Take your probiotics

 Research shows that our intestinal microflora plays a tremendous role in health and disease prevention. Taking a probiotic supplement daily will help keep your gut microbiome diverse in order to promote a healthy digestive system and to boost immunity. Aim for 10-50 billion CFUs per day and don't forget to store in the fridge!

Have a healthy spring!

Dr. Zeeanna Hadani