No More Excuses: Weight Loss That Works!

How many times have you resolved to lose weight and either something got in the way of your good intentions or you lost it and then gained it back?  Weight loss is one of the most frustrating health concerns I work on with my patients.  Food is comfort, its habit, its social and its good.  But most of us have the wrong relationship with food.  Instead of fuel and even pleasure we use food as reward:

“I have been so good all week I DESERVE this dessert”

“This has been the most stressful day ever, I NEED this carb”

“okay, this one last time and then I will NEVER eat a donut again”

Sound familiar?


Weight loss isn’t as simple as losing weight.  It’s about reframing and retraining the brain and how we think about food.  The reason why so many diets fail is that we don’t change how we think about food but rather change what we eat for a short period of time.


Here are some basic steps that we follow in our Doctor mediated weight loss programs that help you lose weight and keep it off for good:

Step 1 - Identify the cause of weight gain.  This can include some of all of the following:

·      Hormone imbalance

·      Stress eating

·      Timing

·      Portions

·      Food choices

Step 2 – Choosing the right program.   Finding the weight loss program that is right for you is crucial to the success of your weight loss.  Some options include:

·      Macronutrient diet

·      Intermittent fasting

·      Keto diet

·      hCG mediated diet

·      low glycemic index diet


Step 3 – Accountability.  Weekly check ins with your doctor to weigh and measure your progress not only keeps you on track and help trouble shoot your struggles but the accountability is essential in those moments of weakness to help you make the right decision

Step 4 – Stabilization.  Sometimes the weight loss is the easy part; keeping the weight off can be more challenging.  One reason is that when the body loses a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time the brain cannot keep up and your set metabolic rate is turned off.  A set metabolic rate is the brains way of maintaining an average weight despite minor fluctuations in diet and exercise.  It can take up to 6 weeks at a stable weight before the metabolic rate is reset.  This set is often overlooked and will lead to gradual but steady weight gain.

 Step 5 – Maintenance.  This is the last and forever step in your weight loss program.  This is the part where all the things that lead to your weight gain in the first place are left out and new, healthy habits are implemented.  Some simple things such as:

·      no food after 8 pm

·      avoid all simple carbohydrates and sugar except very special occasions

·      eat because you are hungry not because you deserve it

·      reward yourself with things other than food

·      don’t drink your calories.


Working closely with a doctor can take the frustration and defeat out of weight loss and help set up for success. At Surface Skin Lab our doctors are trained to work with you to achieve the best outcomes for your weight loss program


No more excuses, time to lose!

Dr. Heidi Rootes

Owner, Surface Skin Lab